These people are calling ‘Mango, Mango’ since the morning and I am looking out for one. But hasn’t the season almost gone of good mangoes. The day had been pretty good for me, I had this front seat car ride with these people. The lady’s lap served great in giving me a good view out of the window. I must say very comfy ride. But I wondered where am I going? Curiosity was high (still is) since I didn’t have my usual pals along with me. So it was adventurous, also I must confess a bit scary though these fellow humans with the car seem to be good chaps. But you never know, I have heard all kind of stories from my next door-dorm mates so I had my suspicion. But then I enjoyed the ride, no harm right. Everybody loves them, I have heard humans fight for it.

So post the ride, we reached to a home with lots of plants outside. Beautifully kept I must say, I wondered if the two chaps carrying me, only cared for plants, I must be in safe hands then. So we entered the house, there were more humans in that house. Two oldies, I get it now so this is a family then. So does that mean this is my family now? Have I been adopted? So I won’t be able to see my dorm mates now? And are these people as good as the ride was. Curiosity, you know, killing me a bit. The house was meticulously clean I must say and at the back of it was a huge carpet of grass. Humans took me there. Wow, a playground to myself, am I rich? So I tried to make out what were humans talking about other than calling out for Mango, seems like it is lap lady’s birthday. Oh am I a birthday gift to her? Wow. That would be like having a human Mamma. But then I couldn’t concentrate in front of the grass carpet. I played and this hooman who was driving the car, was playing with me. One of the oldies was so busy in watering plants, he seems to be the plants’ daddy. Oh then this car-ride human is not the one who cared for the plants then? Am I in trouble?! Oh let’s think about it later, let’s play for now. My new human Mumma likes filming me and she also says in between something to this playing human. He is one crazy chap, also doesn’t let me go behind that plant, what is hidden behind that I wonder. But I try try. Oh here comes the plants’ daddy, he totally loves plants. Even my new toy is a plant now, it is fun. These humans are fun; I guess I will get along fine. Oh maybe Mango is my name, so am I a fruit now? Whatever, I get positive vibes here. Mango it is then.

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